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My name is Bedrich and I am a freelance web designer
who enjoys designing as much as writing code.

What Exactly Do I Do?

Everything!!! Not really ... but I can do a lot of web related things. From Photoshop mockups to table-less layouts using standards compliant (X)HTML and CSS. And, if need be, I know my way around JavaScript libraries such as jQuery and MooTools.

In addition, I write HTML/CSS/JavaScript tutorials every once in a while. You can find samples here and here.

Latest From The Articles

If you haven’t tried Panic’s Coda, you should! It’s a beautifully designed piece of software that makes coding sites even more fun* than it already is. But, enough with the unrequested publicity. This post is about a few “shortcuts” that I have picked up from my everyday use of Coda. And, that you may not be aware exist.

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Posted by Bedrich on Fri, 13 Mar 2009

Most Recent Projects

Visit my portfolio to see more examples of my work.